6 Facts You Need to Know about Online Reputation Management

Before knowing what Online Reputation Management (ORM) is, we need to analyze certain things. We are all living in a new era, monopolized by internet and information technology. The space in which we are communicating is new but interesting. It is full of contrasting aspects; useful and harmful, saddening and entertaining. Most important, it can bless a person with overnight success or make him face a sudden demise.

Behaving in an online world has become difficult for us. We can’t simply give up the idea of using the internet out of the fear of losing reputation. It is possible to maintain a good online appearance by using certain tips and tricks. The key to these tips is to know basic of ORM.

Here are the facts about Online Reputation Management

  1. Every single internet users needs ORM

Online Reputation Management is not simply a matter of businesses. Even an ordinary citizen or college going student needs to be careful on how he interacts with social media. People love to stalk social media profiles of individuals before befriending with them. Even parents, who keep an eye on activities of their kids, closely monitor the content their kids share on the internet.

Employers and creditors always search about potential employees and loan applicants before engaging with them. Even your future life partner would also judge you on the basis of what you share on social media. In one way Facebook posts, Instagram pictures, snap chat stories, and tweets have become a way to judge about preferences of a user.

  1. Search Engine doesn’t care about your reputation

Bear in mind it is possible to make a strong LinkedIn profile, but it is not possible to make search engines hide your negative impressions. Google would never filter results about you on the basis of negative and positive rather it would filter them on the basis of popularity; What if negative things about you are more talk of the town. Search engines are not sensitive to the effect of their search results someone’s life. That’s why the need of online reputation management is inevitable.


  1. Use of Social Media for ORM

Social media is an excellent platform. It has provided online users flexibility up to certain extent. Many times, it is not necessary to hire the services of an online reputation manager as the task can be achieved through effective use of social media. Businesses who make their profile on Facebook or use Twitter handle to leave a good impression, are more likely to perform well. Careful use of social media is, in fact, serves as a powerful advertising platform. What people share on Facebook makes viewers form a perception of them; in the same way what companies share, helps customers to carve out a perception.

  1. Need of hiring expert services for ORM

If Online Reputation Management is all about spreading good words about the business, then it is not a difficult task. A team of social media experts is usually enough for this. In case your business is way much famous and has some big-mouth critics then a need of ORM expert arises. This is because making search engines to suppress negative feedback is a  technical thing. A person, who doesn’t know how search engines rank the pages, can’t manage such tasks on his own.

In particular, cases, when the internet is loaded with loads of negative feedback against you, then merely defying them doesn’t remain effective. Here an ORM expert can come to rescue. An ORM professional would work to eliminate or suppress the negative feedback from search engine results.

  1. ORM is just a marketing technique

Online reputation management is all about enhancing the value in the eyes of the target audience. In this regard, it becomes more like a marketing technique that effectively, reduces the other advertisement expenses. Share a (not controversial and commonly agreed upon) post on your Facebook page; there is no way for viewers to not develop a soft corner for your business.

  1. ORM is tool to survive difference of opinion

Social media has made this world blunt in voicing their opinion. But such freedom can cost a huge business loss for generating negative feedback. If you run a fast food chain, then one negative comment about your burger would cause your huge business damage. In order to survive in the world that favors anything in the name of the difference of opinion, Online Reputation Management is indeed a life saver.

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