7 steps to build an effective digital marketing strategy

Why must businesses opt for digital marketing strategy? The very sudden answer to this is that we are breathing in a digital world. The best place to advertise a business and a product are to choose a platform where target audience exists. Marketing in the real world is more complex from marketing in the digital world but later has an edge. It is possible to achieve more outcome-oriented results by carefully using the digital platforms for advertisements. Thanks to the search engine insights and digital marketing tools, which keep businesses educated about the behavior of their customers?

There is no doubt that digital marketing is much effective, but it doesn’t mean that one should bluntly use this technique for advertising the businesses. A proper strategy is needed to use the digital marketing in more outcome-oriented way,



Here are the seven steps to get targeted results from digital marketing.

1) Plan about your audience

Planning is the very basic step for all the processes; it is required more in the case of marketing on the digital platform. You know your advertisements are going to be divided into different types; like e-mail marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, influence marketing and PPC, etc. You can’t use all these techniques for every kind of audience. It is better to know how your target audience behaves and then to switch on the most authentic mode.

2) Create a Reach (even for limited audience)

At this moment your goal should not be necessary to increase traffic on the website. Your basic aim should be to make people know that you exist. If you are a large e-commerce website, then it is better to create a teaser ad, which can pop-up in the form of banner or side ad on any website or social media platform. At times, people access the website of any business, but they don’t know its purpose. It is better to create content that tells people who you are. Yes, even strategically writing a mission statement and About Us, page is also a digital marketing.

3) Interact with visitors

This can be simply put as “know your audience through marketing too.” After you see that an influx of audience has started paying a visit to your website, make sure you know who they are. Why they visit the website, do they tend to buy something? Or just make for the random visitors; one can use certain tools to track URLs and behavior of the audience.

4) Convert your visitors into buyers

After you know the kind of visitors landing on your websites; it is necessary to create a multi-channel sales network. Here you can increase the circle of digital marketing efforts to target more customers. If you are only taking help from social media marketing, then extend your sphere. Include the affiliate marketing techniques in the program. In this way, your business would get access to more visitors and more customers.

At this step, don’t forget to calculate your ROI (Return on Investment) from all the marketing investments you made till now

5) Engage with your customers

Creating customers is the first step, but creating loyal customers is what makes businesses to survive in the long run. It is necessary for businesses to cater to the needs of their customers, by offering them after sale services. Another way can be to ask for recommendations and their reviews of the services and products. This would help in further decision making. If your business plans to extend the influence of digital marketing, then this is the right phase. Here you can decide how much budget to allocate for plans.

6) Brand your products

There are two levels to create a brand; first when the business kick starts, second when a product gains the acceptance among an audience. Brands are always designed by keeping in view the needs and requirements of particular buyers. An established business is more in a position to know what the buyers want. After deciding on kind of brand, your business is in a position of using the influence marketing (one that hires celebrities for endorsing a product on social media).

7) Engage in growth oriented digital marketing

At this point, your business has achieved a developed stage. It is better to enter multi-channels for targeting more markets or exploring new horizons. Here, one should focus on managing the reputation. Hence digital marketing techniques like ORM should be adopted at this stage.

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