6 Tips to Write and Effective SEO Content

Writing SEO content requires an amalgam of the scientific method and artistic techniques. One can’t simply pay attention to please the search engines while missing the needs of readers. There are two main things, which must be kept in mind, before writing the SEO content.

1. Content must be search engine friendly on technical grounds.

2.It must be captivating enough to impress the readers.

Fortunately, the technical requirements of writing an SEO content match with those of reader’s choice. Search Engines like Google always give the top position to an article on their search results page, if it is informative enough.

Still, there are principles that a writer must follow before writing an SEO optimized content.

1) Make a layout

Readers love to go through an article which follows a consequence. In fact, what matters a lot is synchronization. Writing must be well composed and well linked. For example, if you are talking about a disease; then a properly written and informative article would be one that follows a sequence. For instance, such article must begin with an introduction, followed by problems, reasons, solutions, recommendations and conclusion. Bear in mind the reader browses and looks for content to attain clarity of mind. If the writer is confused, then how the reader is expected to find an article helpful?

The best thing is to make a sequential layout and think about what can be the best sequence to follow. In this way, writing a well composed and well articulate content becomes easy.

2) Focus on providing right information

A well-written article must be able to provide accurate information. At times, it is possible to use techniques that may rank a page on top of the search engine results. But when the reader goes on the page and doesn’t find content which is informative, he loses trust. Consequently, he never thinks such website or page worth visiting again, even if Google shows it on the top or results. Later, after tracking the behavior of the reader, Google never refers such page again even on its search results page. It is necessary to focus on the provision of well-researched information.

3) Do support your arguments with evidence

Don’t forget that people look for solid information. It is so easy to make big claims about anything and put them in the article, but it is not easy to satisfy the reader. Make sure that any information you provide is backed by some solid evidence. For example, if you write that Facebook is losing its ad revenue in a specific region then do provide the evidence in the form of figures. Come up with a relevant source. In fact, build a trust for your readers.

4) Pay focus on Grammar

It is necessary to nicely put the words together. But to never miss on principles of the grammar is more essential. Search Engines are fast enough to scan a document on the basis of language quality.

Incomplete, broken sentences that are not coherent simply convey a vague meaning. In the same way, long run sentences make it difficult for readers to understand, what writer wants to say. Hence, use of correct grammar must be a key priority, not for the sake of reader but also for impressing the Search Engine.

5) Try to be a bit informal

It is good to adopt a formal and conversational tone for content that provides technical information. Such tone of language doesn’t work in all the cases. Web audience is quite different than one that searches the books and magazines. Bear in mind that use of the academic style of writing simply offends the web readers. Further, a major portion of the online audience is monopolized by youngsters, who love to see relatable stuff. It is better to talk in a casual way for impressing such audience.

6) Don’t add too many backlinks and keywords

It is good to link information in your content to the sources for verifying the claims. In case the source is strong and has a reputation in the eye of the search engine, it gives your page an extra boost. But content loaded with keywords and backlinks can be simply lethal for your content’s ranking. Choose only healthy links that too in a natural way, and optimize on the quantity of Keywords.

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