Top 7 Mobile Apps That Makes Your Business More Productive And Accessible To Reach Customers.

Businesses are swamped with different tasks every day, be it small or big business almost every project requires the team to run from one place to another and to collate as much information as possible effectively. The entire task can seem extremely daunting without the use of proper resources.

When companies turn toward going big and reaching customers the tasks start becoming more intricate. These are next to impossible to solve when by an experienced CEO, without the help of external forces. But, the tasks can be made a lot easier by using some common applications.

Mobile Apps for your Business can act as a boon where each app can be used to leverage the tasks of the project. The work can be made a lot easier with the Best Business Mobile Apps. So, which are the best apps?


Well, here we are with the list of Best Business Mobile Apps Like Uber. So, let’s get started!

Top 7 Mobile Apps that make your Business more Productive and Accessible.

1. Google Analytics app

Having an online website has become a basic necessity for any business. Every business today has an online website that allows the companies to have effective communication with the customers. Even for customers, these online websites act as the first point of contact to the company. For this very online website to manage the performance and business must have Google Analytics app. Analytics app allows the business to look and drive the performance of the business.


Using the analytics app a business can track the performance of the website, they can check the number of visits on the when page, most selling product, keywords, and much more is tracked by the app. This app helps the business to make future plans for business and tackle all the issues they face with current plans. Google Analytics is available on iOS as well as android and thus allows cross-platform accessibility. The features of the app include -time data, acquisition data, audience insights, behavior, and conversions, and much more.


Price: Free.

2. Hoot suite

To get closer to the customers the most efficient way is by using social media accounts. There is no doubt that businesses are associated with multiple social platforms. It often becomes tedious for sales and marketing teams to keep a track of all the media effectively. To solve this issue one can use management tools. Hootsuite is one such tool that allows the business to manage the social media accounts on a single platform.


Hootsuite app combines all the major as well as minor social media accounts in one place and allows desktop as well as mobile use. Once the media is tied in a single platform various content can be uploaded directly from the mobile and changes can be made simultaneously. This is much more effective and can be used to save time for social media marketing. In all this is a must-have app for all social media-driven businesses.


Price: Free.

3. LinkedIn Pulse

During business for any product or service, it is extremely important to know about the competition in the market. Knowing the competition allows the companies to perform more enthusiastically and also encourages them to learn from the mistakes others make. So, having information about competitors is quite essential. This can be done through the LinkedIn pulse.


LinkedIn pulse allows the users to see all the latest information about different industries in a single place. This also allows you to see and learn from experts and also post your content. It is a great way to learn as well as explore new technologies and advances in the industry of your choice.


Price: Free

4. WebEx

WebEx is another Best Mobile App Like Uber for Business, it allows the employee to get in contact with different teams, customers, higher officials, and many more people through an online meeting platform. This allows the company to organize online events as well as meetings just like in the real world. This platform can be used for chats, video meetings, and phone calls. The platform is available on phones as well as on desktops giving more accessibility to the users.


Price: Free

5. Salesforce mobile

Sales form another crucial part of the business, this calls for the importance of applications that can manage the sales of the company efficiently. This very concept of managing sales is carried by Salesforce mobile app. Salesforce is an effective CRM tool that allows us to keep sales profitable and efficient. The application is friendly with desktop as well as mobile versions. Every feature needed in the CRM tool is effectively added in the mobile version and the team members can easily access the data associated with the app.


Price: Free

6. Google drive

Managing a myriad of data and files is necessary for any business. A safe and secure place is necessary to keep all the data, this place must be such that it is accessible to all as well as allows multiple access. The task of managing the files is done through google drives. Google Drive allows the business to collate all their necessary files in a single place with multiple user access. The data can be stored in different forms like  photos, designs, charts, documents, recordings, videos and much more. It also provides 15 Gb of free space.


Price: Free with different in-app purchases.

7. Dropbox

Managing different kinds of data is tedious, this includes all forms of data like images, presentations, Excel sheets, and much more. All the data types require different apps for their access and this can get cumbersome. Dropbox allows the business to keep the data in a single place and can make the access of the data easy when on the run. The platform is available on different operating systems and hence it is also easy to use.


Price: Free.


In the end, get yourself all the necessary apps that can make your work easier, save time for the company and make the work more efficient. Depending on the requirement you can also experiment on different applications that work for your business.

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