What is Local SEO – Complete Guide To Local Search Engine Optimization

Do you know what local Seo is? How essential local Seo is for your business. Approximately 45% of searches on google search engines are local. It means that if you are brick and mortar business or a locally running business, you should implement a local SEO startegy. Else you will lose many of your potential customers. Your local audience near you will fail to find you if you have poor or no local SEO.

What is local Seo?

Local Seo is Seo’s technique to optimize your local business to increase its visibility in local searches. It is no different than the organic Seo, but it has a geographical component in it.

Local Seo is for all those businesses who have a physical presence and serve in a set geographical location. Most people use a google search engine to find a local company near them—all service area businesses like plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, construction workers, etc. And brick and mortar businesses like restaurants, bars, grocery shops, clinics, etc., should practice local Seo.

Proximity and local keywords are top ranking factors for local Seo. If you have a business in Atlanta and you are ranking in Chicago, there will be no point.

What is a local search?

Local searches appear when someone enters a query into google having a local intent. For example- if someone types” salon near me,” or”best salon in Atlanta” or “salons of Atlanta,” etc. It is known as local searches. All local salons in Atlanta implementing local Atlanta Seo can rank high and appear on top and map results.

Suppose someone is new to a particular city and wants to know good places for any products and services near him. Then local search results will present the results to them in local packs or map packs.

Google racks your exact location using the GPs services and will tell where you are precisely and give you the most relevant results.

Local Map Packs Vs. Organic Results

If you want to get high visibility and traffic on your local business, you need to improve your local packs’ visibility. Also known as three packs or snack packs. It is the block that consists of three companies that appear on op above the organic results.


How To Implement the Local Seo?

Once you’ve gathered information from suitable sources and know where you are currently to get local search traffic, you can optimize your website and landing pages for SEO purposes. Here are a few things to note:

  • Maintain NAP Consistency

A consistent RAN in your online profile for your business is critical to SEO success. At the start of this post, we talked about editing your Google My Business dashboard to reflect the correct NAP. However, you also need to make sure it’s on your website.

Google sends bots that crawl websites to ensure this information matches your unique business information from Google My Business. It is why you must crawl your NAP. For example, your work hours should not be visible in the image because they are not scrollable.

  • Have a Good Website Structure

If you have multiple services at your company, it’s essential to have a dedicated page for each service.

Ideally, your website homepage should follow a hub-and-spoke model, with a page providing customers with lots of helpful information with links to appropriate sub-pages.

Other things like remembering to put your blog on the same domain as other websites and adjusting your URL to describe your actual physical location are also important.

  • Have unique Content For All Location Pages

When creating content, you should try to create different content for each location so that each of your sites will use search.

  • Embed Map On Your location Page

Google is placing increasing emphasis on user experience when it comes to prioritizing search rankings. By embedding a map on your website and making it easier for visitors to get directions to your physical location, you create a great user experience for them.

  • Work on Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are one of the most significant factors in giving potential customers the confidence to buy. Displaying reviews and testimonials on your website is a great way to increase sales by offering your visitors more reason to trust you.

You must have customer reviews marked “Review” on your landing page. It tells Google that you are among the studies. Not only does this make visitors more confident in their purchase, but good reviews also increase click-through rates due to the number of stars your business has shown on Google search.

  • Make Your Website Load Faster

Site load times are closely related to good UX. Even though you have the best content on the web, users don’t like visiting your website if running slowly. It also affects your ranking.

  • Mobile-Friendly Design

Most searches are on mobile devices than desktop computers – such as iPads, tablets, cell phones, and more. Your website should be able to accommodate all of these different screen sizes.


The struggle to climb the SERP can be challenging for a company, especially if you are a small business with limited resources. However, local SEO services is essential to the success of your business.

As users rely more on search engines and online reviews to find what they need, you will need to increase your local ranking to increase your visibility online. So get a local SERP by optimizing your website, creating great local content, asking for quotes, and getting feedback.

Don’t limit yourself to technical local SEO practices like quotes and web optimization. Build relationships with other relevant local businesses, attend community events, and join local organizations.

Local search engine optimization is not a stand-alone endeavor. You also need to use SEO and social media marketing to increase your rankings.

Online efforts always reflect offline reality. If your business is wrong, so are your responses.

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