Which Insta video downloader is best?

Which Insta video downloader is best?

Insta video downloader : It’s estimated that more than 1 billion people use Instagram each month. If you’re an Instagram user, you know how difficult it can be to find the exact video file you want to download from this platform. For example, suppose you’re going to share a video with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

In that case, you must first save it on your device using an application like the Instagram Video Downloader app before uploading it on these other platforms. Still not convinced that such a service exists? Check out our guide!

How to use?

There are a few different ways you can use the app, depending on what kind of device you’re using. On an iPhone or iPad:

  • Click on the App Store link and download it from there.
  • Open up Instagram Video Downloader in your phone’s app drawer once it’s been downloaded, then open up its main menu tab by tapping on its icon at the bottom-right corner of your screen (it looks like a square with two arrows pointing toward each other).
  • Search for the video you want to download in this tab and press “Download” once you’ve found it. You’ll then be able to choose between downloading all of its clips as separate videos or just one long clip; if you choose “All Clips,” they’ll be saved as individual files with names like Clip 1, Clip 2, etc., while “Long” will create only one file titled with either “Full-Length Video” or “Original Video” depending on whether those options are available within Instagram itself (they usually aren’t).

How do I save online videos in MP4 in HD quality?

The best app to save online videos in MP4 in HD quality is Insta Video Downloader. It’s easy to use and has a lot of great features. I love that it lets me choose between different formats, so I can pick the one that works best for me. It also allows me to download videos from sites like Vimeo and Facebook, which most other apps don’t do as well (or at all).

I highly recommend this app if you’re looking for a tool to help you get more from your favorite online video sites!

Insta Video Downloader


Insta Video Downloader is one of the most popular Instagram video downloaders. It has over 2 million downloads and 4.6 stars on Google Play Store.

Insta Video Downloader is a simple program that lets you download videos from Instagram, allowing you to save them in MP4 format for offline viewing or play them on your phone or computer without an internet connection. In addition, the app will enable users to share their saved content via other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter or email. It also offers more advanced features such as batch downloading, enabling users to upload multiple videos at once instead of having to do it individually by hand.

How Does Instagram Video Downloader Work?

To use Instagram Video Downloader, open the app and select a video from your timeline. The app will then download the video to your phone. To download multiple videos at once, tap on “Download” in the top-right corner of the screen, then tap on each video you wish to save.

To save a specific video from someone’s profile page:

  • Open their profile page by tapping on their username at the top-left corner of any screen (you may need to swipe right first).
  • Tap on “View Full Profile” at the bottom right corner of their cover photo if it’s not already selected. This will bring up a list of all their posts and stories; choose which one(s) you want to download

Instagram Video Downloader: Best apps for Android

Instagram Video Downloader for Android is one of the best apps for downloading Instagram videos on your device. The app is free from the Google Play Store and works flawlessly on most devices. In addition, it features a simple interface that makes it easy to manage your content. You can directly download Instagram videos using this app, but if you want more options, we recommend using an advanced app like Videoder or Vidmate.

Instagram Video Downloader also has an option to download photos and videos from Instagram . It doesn’t require special permissions and can be used immediately after installing it onto your phone or tablet computer, no matter which platform (Android or iOS) they run on!

Top app for IOS – Videosavedownloader.com

Videosavedownloader.com is an excellent choice if you want to download videos from Instagram and other social media sites. It has a free and paid version, but it’s the cheapest app I found out there. The website lets you download your saved photos/videos in different formats like mp4, mov or gif, etc. You can also download multiple videos at once using this app!

What is the best app for downloading Instagram videos in 2019?

Many apps can download Instagram videos, but not all are guaranteed to work. Here’s a look at the best apps for downloading Instagram videos in 2019.

  • INSTA VIDEO DOWNLOADER – This app allows you to download videos directly from your browser and has a desktop application. It’s straightforward to use but only supports certain types of phones (iPhone 6 or higher).
  • VIDEOSAVEDOWNLOADER.COM – This website lets you download from both the web interface and mobile app. You can choose the quality at which you want your video saved and even edit it if necessary (this option is free). However, this service requires an account before downloading anything else from their site or app due to copyright laws governing how much content people can share online without being sued by big companies like Facebook or Instagram!

How can you get Instagram Video Downloader APK?

  • Download Instagram Video Downloader APK
  • Open the app, follow the instructions to sign in with your Instagram account, and set up the download of videos.
  • Tap on a photo or video you want to download and select the “Download” button at the top right corner of the screen. A new screen will appear with different options like “Save To Gallery,” “Copy Link,” or “Share Video…” among others. Choose one depending on what you want to do with a downloaded video clip.

Compare these apps to find the one that best satisfies your needs.

There are several factors to consider when selecting the best Instagram video downloader. Here are a few:

  • Compare features and benefits. For example, some apps can only save videos that have been shared publicly by your followers on Twitter or Facebook. Others allow you to choose between different resolutions—like HD or 4K—and also let you download multiple videos at once so that they don’t take up too much space on your phone or tablet.
  • Compare price points. Some apps are free, while others cost money; some offer a limited number of downloads per month before charging for more than that amount, while others may charge for additional downloads but lift those restrictions after an unspecified period (usually 30 days). If you plan on downloading lots of Instagram videos regularly, this could cost more over time than if you just paid upfront for all those downloads at once!
  • Compare the quality of downloaded videos from different platforms such as Instagram vs. Snapchat vs. TikTok, etcetera… In short: Can these apps give me high-quality results even though they’re free? We think so! For example, “Apex Social” gives us unlimited downloads as long as we keep our usage within reasonable limits like 500MB/month, which is plenty unless your friends post exclusively 10-minute episodes 24 hours per day, seven days per week without fail every single day without fail until forever!


Instagram Video Downloader is a free app that allows you to download videos from Instagram. It runs on Android and iOS devices and works by integrating with your browser so you can save any video from the app easily. You can also use it to download videos from other social media sites as well like Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube

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